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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Help Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter season is right around the corner, and to help you start saving a little extra money this winter for the holidays. Here are our top 5 cost-effective ways to help prepare your home for the winter months ahead.

Change your furnace filters

During the colder months when you are most likely to use your furnace, don’t forget to replace your filters. Your furnace filters should be replaced once a month during the winter season. Replacing the filter ensure there is a smooth clean airflow allowing the furnace to work efficiently. Otherwise, the furnace works twice as hard when the filters are dirty increasing your energy bill.

Upgrade your furnace

Aside from cleaning your filters, consider upgrading to an efficient furnace. By doing so you add more value to your home and save on the next energy bill.

Adjust water heater

It is recommended to keep your water heater at 140 to kill bacteria, but a study by shows that even at 120 you are still safe from germs and a higher energy bill.

Seal windows

If you haven’t sealed your windows yet, now’s the time to start sealing all your windows and doors.  You can also add an insulation to your windows and doors, by caulking or add rubber seals to window frames.

Install a new thermostat

While turning down your thermostat is one of the best ways to lower your energy bill, consider upgrading to a new programmable thermostat to help monitor and set a timer to increase or decrease.

Follow these 5 tips to help you save a little more these winter months. Check to see if you've already completed these 7 Steps to prepare your home in the Fall.  Share with us some of your tips to save money on your electricity bill this winter by leaving a comment below.



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